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Behind every ad, every technology, every product is a Sony employee.

Cultivating a talented and diverse workforce are important factors that fuel creativity and innovation. At Sony, our employees are empowered to develop skills through their pursuit of projects and career opportunities. These opportunities help bring out and sharpen the unique skills and insights that support our outstanding brand and position in the global marketplace.

The Sony Electronics team shares the excitement as both innovators and consumers. And it starts with the unbridled passion to unite with other visionaries and big thinkers. Simply, this is where the team can point to any number of innovations.

Patricia Melendez

Sr. Manager - Sales & Marketing

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Craig Gunther

Vice President

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Danielle Hayman

Sr. Manager - Media

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Imelda Ramirez

Warehouse Operator

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Steve Young

Sr. Manager - Strategic Business Development

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Paula Cannon

Manager - Business Planning

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Rosemary Flynn

Sr. Manager - Public Relations

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