Careers at Sony

Believe anything
you can imagine,
you can make real.

Every single one of us has an imagination-that unique ability to visualize. To create. To innovate. But when was the last time you put it to work for you? If you'd like to do it more, you've come to the right place—and the right company.

A company driven
by imagination. Imagine that.

For over 65 years, imagination has been the fuel of everything we do. It's been the springboard for our ideas, the inspiration behind our products and the reason why so much of what we've done has changed things.

From how people listen to music, to how they play games, to how they watch TV, our big imaginations have led us to more "firsts" than just about anyone else.

Calling all dreamers.

Here's a rare thing: the chance to really connect with your creativity. But it takes bright minds. And brave hearts. The time is now.

Ready? We are.

Sony Xperia
  • Experience is everything.
    Everything is experience.

    It's simple. Happy people perform better. And if you enjoy what you're doing, it reflects everywhere-including the experiences we create for our customers.

  • Rosemary's story

    "People really are the heart and soul of this place."

    "When I tell people that I'm a Communications Manager for Sony, I get respect. But that respect starts from within. Everybody wants to deliver the best quality work, so everybody works hard. And the beauty is, that commitment bounces back from the company, to the committed."

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  • Danielle's story

    "I feel like I have
    the best job in the company."

    "In Interactive Marketing, I get to use the newest technologies first—and that's hugely exciting. I'm handling the online branding for Corporate Marketing, too. It means new product, bigger budgets and more collaborative thinking. It's the perfect example of how your role, and your career, can advance with Sony."

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Let's go.

It's great to read. It's even better to be informed. But we only move forward in life if we act. So act now. Find your place at Sony Electronics.

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